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Rose mini Stencil

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Rose mini stencil, made from 190 micron Mylar, washable and flexible.

Stencils provide a versatile, cost effective and fun way to decorate your home, furniture or crafting project. Stencil any surface including walls, fabric, furniture, floors and more. Just use the correct paint for the surface you are working on and get stencilling! 

Our stencils are suitable to use with a variety of paints including, emulsion, chalk paints, acrylic, spray-paints and more.

Repeat pattern ideal for a border on walls or around furniture or stencil onto fabric, cushions, windows, mirrors, floors or use for card making and scrapbooking, cake decorating etc.. the possibilities are endless......

You'll also need...

Paint- any thick paint will do, just use the correct paint for the surface you are working on. Acrylics and emulsions work well for walls.

Stencil Brush, dense foam roller or sponge - use a flat ended stencil brush for best results. 

Low tack stencil tape or repositionable spray adhesive - for holding the stencil in place whilst you paint it.

How to stencil...

1. Fix the stencil in place using low tack stencil tape or spray mount adhesive.

2. Paint the stencil using the appropriate paint for the surface you're working on. Remember to blot excess paint before applying the brush or roller to the stencil.

3. When you're happy with the results and you've painted the whole stencil, simply remove it, reposition and start again.