A New Studio for Nutmeg Wall Art!

A New Studio for Nutmeg Wall Art!

It's a New Year and a new studio here at Nutmeg! 

To start at the beginning, Nutmeg Studio began way back in 1999, when my husband and I invested some of our savings and wedding gift money to purchase a vinyl cutter and a computer, and began offering printed graphics to local businesses.

And what a journey it has been since then! 

Whilst we started out producing signage for local companies, and paused production for a few years whilst two small children took over, since resurrecting that old sign cutter back in 2009 we have been thrilled to be creating wall stickers for home and office ever since! 

From designing and printing for friends and family, selling via notonthehighstreet.com, Etsy and QVC, not only has the business grown, but so has our digital and physical presence. Our small team is based in Milton Keynes designing and manufacturing an extensive range of wall art stickers for a wide variety of businesses, including a brand now stocked by John Lewis.

It's been an exciting journey from the kitchen table and online platforms. We are thrilled to have our own website here at Nutmeg Studio (and a new cutter I must add!), and we have finally upgraded to our brand new studio! 

Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we will be sharing a celebratory offer! 

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