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In this collection, you'll discover an array of mirror stickers that not only add reflective beauty to your decor but also allow for a touch of personal expression. Use our decals to add some positivity and gratitude as a daily reminder to your mirror, can also be used on any smooth surface.
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12 products

12 products


What is a mirror wall sticker?

A mirror sticker is a self-adhesive vinyl sticker that can be applied to your own mirror to add a personalised touch. They can also be applied to any smooth surface.

How do I apply a mirror wall sticker?

To apply a mirror wall sticker, first clean the surface you will be sticking it to and let it dry completely. Peel off the backing paper, carefully position the sticker onto the surface, and gently smooth it down to avoid any air bubbles. Finally, remove the application film to leave your mirror sticker in situ.

Can I remove and reposition a mirror wall sticker?

Our mirror stickers are designed for single-use application.

Can I customise my mirror stickers?

Yes we are happy to customise any of our designs, if you would like another font or different wording, drop us an email with your request.

How do I clean and maintain my mirror stickers?

To clean and maintain your mirror stickers, simply wipe them gently using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild soap-water solution.