White Merry Christmas window sticker surrounded by a holly wreath

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home for the Festive Season

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Nutmeg HQ - are you getting the Christmas feels too? We decorated for Christmas much earlier this year than we ever have before! After the year we've all had, we deserve a bit of extra Christmas magic, don't you think?

Nutmeg are all about creating wall and window decor that wows, with minimal effort from you. And our Christmas wall and window decor ideas are no different. Read on to be inspired by our easy Christmas decor ideas to help you decorate your home for the most magical Christmas season ever.

Girl standing next to a window with a white wreath-shaped window sticker with 'Jolly Christmas' written on it, in front of a snowy forest scene.
We're all set to be spending a lot more time in our homes this Christmas. So we want help you make your Christmas decor extra magical and fun. We've got sophisticated Christmas wall and window decor, and fun festive window stickers the kids will love. You'll adore our temporary Christmas wall sticker quotes and chic space-saving Christmas tree wall sticker. 

About Nutmeg's Christmas Wall and Window Stickers

Each festive wall and window sticker is quick and easy to apply, and only comes down when you want it to. When you're ready to freshen up your home in the new year, simply peel the wall stickers off. It will be as if they were never there - all you'll have is the magical memories. And of course the photos on your Insta feed - please tag us @nutmegwallart with #nutmegwallart - we love to see our stickers in your lovely homes!

Don't forget we have a huge range of colours for all our Christmas wall and window stickers, so we can suit your festive decor colour palette.

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas for Kids 

We're starting with our fun festive window stickers, that the kids will adore. Our cheeky peeping reindeer is our bestselling Christmas decor sticker for a reason - isn't he cute? 


A Christmas window sticker of a cheeky brown reindeer peeping into the room, with his red nose just showing over the bottom of the window frame. It's snowing outside and there are other Christmas decorations around the window.

We're showing your the classic brown and red combo, but you can choose any colour combination you like!


Our sleepy peeping Santa window sticker is another popular choice for families with little ones. We're not sure if he's tired from all his deliveries, or if all that sherry has made him a snoozy Santa! 

Peeping Santa Window Sticker

You can also buy a peeping Elf sticker, so you can have a whole Christmas character scene on your windows! 


Personalised Christmas Wall and Window Stickers

Many of our Christmas decor ideas can be personalised to add a lovely special touch. Our 'Santa Please Stop Here' personalised wall and window stickers are already flying out of the studio. Which colour would you choose?

Red personalised Santa Please stop here sticker

This sticker also looks great on a window, so you can be sure Santa sees it!


Easy Winter Wonderland Window and Wall Stickers

Stars and snowflakes are oh so Christmassy, and we have so many to choose from. Because our stickers can be stuck to window and walls, they are so flexible. We love the different effects you can create by simply choosing different colours and positions. 

White Christmas Star Garland Wall and Window Sticker Black Christmas Star Garland Wall and Window Sticker
You could rotate this sticker 90 degrees to create a horizontal chain of stars too. Dreamy. 

We have so many Christmas snowflake wall and window stickers to inspire you - you can see them all here.

White snowflake window stickers


You can also choose polar bears, trees, icicles and even robins. We like to give you every festive option. 

No Space for A Real Tree? No Problem

We know it can be difficult to find space for a real Christmas tree, but we have a sticker for that! Our stunning Scandi style Christmas Tree sticker is a real show stopper, as it comes with a chain of 50 real fairy lights! Just plug them in, and stick them straight on to your Christmas Tree sticker with the special hooks included.

Scandi style Christmas tree wall sticker with real lights

As always, this beautiful tree sticker simply peels off when you want to bid a fond farewell, and the hooks for the lights come off with it. We have lots of different styles of Christmas Tree wall stickers - see which is your style here


Our gorgeous Christmas stickers can be used inside or outside, so it couldn't be easier to decorate your house for the festive period. Why not Pin this blog post for later?

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas To Prep Your Home for the Festive Season


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