Metallics, Monsteras and Marvellous Botanics

Metallics, Monsteras and Marvellous Botanics

Give the Nutmeg team a free 10 minutes and you’ll probably find us gazing slack-jawed at the Ideal Home blog or scrolling through the #realhomesofinstagram hashtag - we just can’t get enough of interiors inspiration.

Although actually ‘a free ten minutes’ has been a bit of a rarity round these parts recently; it’s been a hectic few weeks at Nutmeg Towers. We’ve been swotting up on the key trends for Summer 2018 - hey it’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it - plus getting our extended colour chart ready to launch and some seriously fancy new wall stickers added to our range.

So what are the trend highlights for 2018? Well, interiors influencers across the globe are united in their opinion that bold, rich colours and global-inspired textiles are going to be HUGE this year. The popularity of tropical and exotic prints as well as botanics is set to continue, with intense, energetic shades of green and plants from palms to Swiss cheese plants making an appearance in homes worldwide. Oh, and good news for luxe-lovers: metallics are going to be EVERYWHERE.

How to show you’ve got your finger on the interiors pulse and pay homage to these trends without spending a fortune/overhauling your entire aesthetic/a lot of time, effort, stress and not forgetting mess? Wall stickers, of course!

Let’s start with the Monstera leaf because, let’s face it - if you don’t already have a Monstera in your home, where have you been? The obvious colour choice would be Dark Green or even Pesto, and it would look stunning on any  wall accompanied by some copper or gold accents and dark glamorous wood - think a sexy cocktail cabinet for ultimate interior goals. And sticking with the Tropical theme for a moment, there’s also our Flamingo wall sticker: perfect for injecting some personality - and some pink - into a nursery or bedroom.


Ideal Home makes the astute point that Botanics are always popular - it just depends on the iteration or interpretation to keep things fresh. This year, it’s all about having a delicate, hand-drawn quality in order for your look to feel contemporary, so check out our scattered leaves, our full ‘n’ fluffy chrsyanthemum or, for an authentic botanist’s sketchbook feel, try our pastel florals corner wall sticker; chic, timeless and so, so pretty.  


And last but not least, metallics have got our hearts racing. Our metal effect stars are a perennial favourite, livening up rooms and settings everywhere. And our metal effect confetti dots are available in gold, silver or - my personal favourite - copper and I love seeing what our clients do with them - they’re so versatile, the only boundary is your creativity!

Do tell - how will you be updating your interiors to incorporate your favourite trends for 2018? And if you’ve been inspired by Nutmeg and are adding wall stickers into the mix, please don’t forget to tag us so we can see what you’ve been up to; we genuinely love seeing your handiwork!

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