Daddy Cool - Father's Day Gift Inspiration

Daddy Cool - Father's Day Gift Inspiration

Father’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 17th June, fact fans!) and if you’re struggling for a unique present idea for the dad who has everything, never fear: Nutmeg’s indispensable gift guide is here.

Whether the fab father in your life is an adrenaline junkie, a beer connoisseur or a BBQ enthusiast, we’ve got the perfect present to make him smile.

Full disclosure: you won’t find any Old Spice or novelty tie recommendations here, oh no. These gifts are all personal, thoughtful and definitely won’t smell like your grandad or play a squeaky rendition of Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Sorry (not sorry).


Beer O’Clock

If he knows his pale ale from his traditional bitter, a Father’s Day gift from Best of British Beer will make the ideal present. There’s a whopping 4-pinter Daddy of all Beers (see what they did there?), an Award Winners Six Pack or, for the dad who’s REALLY earnt his Father’s Day gift this year, you could splash out on a Beer for a Year subscription. Cheers!



Magic Memories

Hello Ruth specialises in super-sweet and stylish personalised prints, and their Fathers’ Day offering - a personalised ‘Daddy’ photograph print - is no exception.

You choose the photos that prompt the happiest memories, plus ‘Dad’ or ‘Daddy’ (actually, you can have any wording up to 18 characters) and a caption and Hello Ruth takes care of the rest. There are four framing options and four mount colours, so your print is guaranteed to coordinate with your decor too.


BBQ Boss

Now that the sun is (mostly) shining, tell us - have you cracked open the BBQ yet? If your man thinks that there’s no joy as pure as scoffing a home-BBQ’d burger in your garden, help him look the part with a personalised Nutmeg apron. And with nine apron and text colours there’s a combination for even the fussiest of BBQ bosses.

Go Go Gadget Dad

If he’s a beer-lover but also likes his gadgets, this wall-mounted bottle opener is the ideal gift. Fix to the wall and whip the lid off your bottle and you’ll see the cap stick to the wood - magic! (or magnets, whatever). And it’s printed with ‘Dad’s Beer’, lest there be any confusion.

Say It With Accessories

Suzy Qs range of personalised jewellery and accessories for men - belts, watched, cufflinks, identity bracelets - are all super-stylish, luxe-looking and yet competitively priced. Our favourites are the rose gold classic personalised watch, the two-tone leather bracelet - oo, and the words cufflinks...the only difficult decision you’ll have is narrowing down the choices.

Twinning is Winning

Type on Top have the cutest designs for twinning with your littles; we just love this Exhausted and Exhausting combo for the dad who has it all - apart from, you know, a good night’s sleep.


Daredevil Dad

If he’s a Formula 1 addict, there really is not greater gift: the chance to sharpen his race-driving skills in a Formula Silverstone Single Seater. 0-60mph in under 5 seconds, 140bhp and more thrills than you can shake a stick at. Plus you can purchase an anytime voucher to make it the ultimate surprise.  

Go on, spoil him. He deserves it.

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