Sunnies Required! Introducing our Neon Wall Sticker Range

Sunnies Required! Introducing our Neon Wall Sticker Range

Who knows what the weather will be doing by the time I press ‘post’ on this blog, but even if outside is (still) looking drab and dreary, you can create some sunshine inside with our stunning range of bright neon wall stickers. Phew!


If you’ve ever found yourself lusting over those neon light signs on Instagram or creating a ‘Neons’ board on Pinterest (just me?), then our cursive handwritten ‘dreams’ sticker is for you. Like all of our lovely neons, it’s available in five super-bright shades - green, yellow, orange, red or pink - easy to stick and to remove and comes without the designer price tag and installation difficulties of a conventional neon sign. Bonus!


A splash of bright fluro colour feels bold, modern and edgy; our neons are fun enough for kids and grown-up enough for teenagers and even adults (there’s an air of Tracey Emin about those luscious pink lips, don’t you think? Mwah!)

You could go for our neon confetti dots and unleash your inner artist - with a pack of 72 you can go wild and spatter an entire room, or space them out for a more subtle overall effect. The same goes for our neon stars, except you get 112 of these beauties to scatter as you wish. I know several boys and girls who would go WILD for these in their bedroom or playroom…

And for a more subtle nod to the neon, you could always go for our little bird - perfect for perching on a picture frame or shelf. Game of ‘Spot the Birdy’, anyone?!


I’m a fan of a clever visual trick, and so the idea of a neon ampersand above a bed and two heads on the pillows below gives me a thrill, but if you pushed for my personal favourite I’d have to go with the clouds. The perfect present for a creative type or little one with big dreams. How about you?

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