How To Easily Revamp Tired Furniture with Nutmeg Furniture Stickers

How To Easily Revamp Tired Furniture with Nutmeg Furniture Stickers

IKEA® furniture: it's a staple in most homes, right? It's hard to beat the price and functionality of flat pack furniture, but it can be a little bland. But what if you could revamp your tired Ikea furniture quickly and easily? Read on to see how Kel Harmer from Oh So Kel easily revamped a tired chest of MALM™ IKEA® drawers using Nutmeg Navy Circle Furniture Stickers.

How To Easily Revamp Tired Furniture with Nutmeg Furniture Stickers

Before and After IKEA® MALM™ Furniture Hack Using Furniture Stickers

Kel started off with a plain set of ordinary white MALM™ IKEA® drawers, and transformed them into a beautiful focal point using our easy peel and stick furniture stickers.

White flat pack drawers before being made over, withNutmeg furniture stickers on a roll.White flatpack chest of drawers revamped with Nutmeg furniture stickers in a navy blue flower pattern

Doesn't Kel's 'new' chest of drawers look gorgeous?

Try This Easy Way To Revamp Tired Furniture: Furniture Stickers

Step 1: Clean Your Furniture

It's important to give your drawer fronts a quick clean to get rid of any dust and dirt so the stickers can adhere properly. Use a little sugar soap, or a squirt of diluted washing up liquid and a soft cloth. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Cover Top Drawer with a Furniture Sticker

Pull out the top drawer slightly, or remove altogether. Carefully peel the sticker from the backing paper, and smooth over the drawer front, making sure it's positioned straight and centred. Working from the middle outwards, smooth out with a soft cloth to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 3: Repeat for All Drawers

Repeat Step 2 for each drawer. Pop the drawers back, stand back and admire your revamped furniture.

It really is that easy to makeover your tired drawers with Nutmeg furniture stickers!

Nutmeg Furniture Stickers Make Revamping Old Furniture Easy

Our removable stickers are cut to the perfect size for the drawer fronts, so all you have to do is peel them off the backing paper, and stick them on. It couldn't be easier! Choose from 3 drawer, 4 drawer, 6 drawer and 2 drawer bedside cabinet options. That means you can revamp your whole bedroom collection, giving your room real wow factor.

What If I Have A Different Set of Drawers?

As long as your drawers are flat (with no fancy carving) Nutmeg furniture stickers will work for you. Just get in touch with your dimensions and we can create you a set of furniture stickers that will fit your drawers perfectly.

We also have other designs of our popular furniture stickers available. 


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How to easily update old furniture using stickers


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