Cute white ghost sticker on some glass doors with pumpkins in a basket and arranged on the floor. The window has white curtains.

Easy Halloween Decorations That Stick On... and Peel Off Again!

Are you looking forward to Halloween? It's one of our favourite occasions here at Nutmeg, and we love decorating the studio with spooky decorations. We find that quick and easy Halloween decorations are ideal, as it's a relatively short season. Our Halloween wall stickers are perfect for a quick and easy spooky room makeover, as they go up easily, and simply peel off again when Halloween is over, leaving no trace. So what have we got in store this year? Read on for easy Halloween decor inspiration. Our easy Halloween decorations get progressively scarier, so read on... if you dare!

Quick and easy ways to decorate your home for Halloween

Character Halloween Stickers Make Decorating Easy

There are lots of fun characters associated with Halloween: ghosts, bats, spiders and skeletons. You could easily decorate your home for Halloween with any of them, or all of them, depending on how far you want to take it!

Cute Ghost Stickers for Walls or Windows

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a few ghosts and ghouls. Our friendly Halloween Ghost Wall Sticker can be easily stuck to a wall, or a window, as shown here, peeking around to give you a little scare. This ghost looks great in traditional white, but you can choose your own colour too for a fun twist on ghostly goings ons.


White ghost window sticker peeking out from a curtain in front of a green lawn

Or how about a host of ghosts? We also have a set of six cute ghost stickers, in a range of sizes, so you can position them in a group like we have here, or dot them around your house. 


Spooky Skeleton Sticker

What's that creeping around the corner? It's a spooky skeleton sticker, ready to scare!Window with a black skeleton window sticker

You can really have some fun with this wall or window sticker: put it up like this photo, or if you're feeling creative, leave parts of it around the house like a scary treasure hunt, ending in the skull!


Brilliant Bats Halloween Stickers

Beware of the bats! Did you know that a group of bats is called a colony of bats? Well you can have your own colony of the furry flyers, ready to peel and stick to a wall, mirror, or window.

A white wall with a flock of black bat wall stickers over a white mantlepiece decorated for Halloween

Go for realistic black, or choose a fun unexpected colour, for something a bit less scary. They vary in size, so you can make them look like they're flying towards you, eeek!



Sinister Spiders and Cobweb Stickers

If you're really looking to creep out your family, look no further than our spiders and cobwebs stickers. which are based on the deadly black widow spider.

The corner of a lounge with a grey sofa with a lime green cushion with a black wall sticker in the shape of a big spiders' web and spiders

They look awesome in black, especially when the lights are dim - they look so realistic, you'll swear they move!


Other Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

Due to Covid-19, the kids might not be Trick Or Treating at other people's houses this year. But you can still make it super fun for the whole family by decorating your windows and doors for a little Halloween party. 

Creepy Village Scene Sticker

You can recreate a shadowy haunted village this Halloween, with this silhouette of a creepy village.

Spooky village window sticker with floating pumpkins behind it

If you stick it to a window, it casts creepy shadows into your room, or on to your garden if you have the lights on, for added scare-factor.


Treat Bags Perfect for a Halloween Party

If you're having a little family Halloween party instead of Trick Or Treating this year, you could do a treat hunt around your house or garden. Why not get the kids to collect their goodies in a personalised Halloween favour bag?

White personalised Halloween treat bag with black pumpkin decoration


Halloween Decor Made Easy - For Businesses Too!

Did you know we also do bigger window and wall stickers for businesses? We take commissions, so you can have something bespoke. Or check out our ready made easy Halloween decorations for retail here.

A shop window decorated for Halloween with spooky window stickers by Nutmeg Studio

You don't have to be a business to use them, if you're a big Halloween fan, you'll love them too! 


Our spooky Halloween stickers can be used inside or outside, so it couldn't be easier to decorate your house for Halloween. Just add a few pumpkins, and some treats, and you're Halloween ready.

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