Easily Revamp Your Furniture

Easily Revamp Your Furniture

Wall stickers aren't just for your walls. You can apply your sticker to any clean, smooth surface. Think doors, mirrors, furniture – the list is endless! 


So if you want to easily revamp your furniture without the mess of painting, find our top upcycling tips below:


  • Apply a decal to a just one section of your furniture, like a door or drawer, and create a focal point




  • Measure the area you want to work with first to ensure the sticker will fit well



Are you tempted to revamp your furniture? If you do then don't forget to share your style by tagging your pictures with #nutmegwallart on Instagram @nutmegwallart


"We revamped an antique bureau, painted it and applied this decal to the timber and it completed the look. Easily to apply, vibrant quality decal. Thank you!" - Felicity C


Furniture upcycling revamp using wall stickers


Image credits: 1. Oh So Kel. 2.  Felicity C via Etsy. 3. The Room Alive. 4. Gaby R via Etsy. 5. Pinks Charming

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