How To Decorate with Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

How To Decorate with Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

Tropical home decor is trending this year, perhaps because we're craving a tropical escape as we've been confined to our local areas for so long. Or maybe it's because we have collectively rediscovered our connection with nature. The beauty of the tropical leaves trend is that it works for so many rooms, giving large spaces a bold botanical look, and creating unique summer inspired smaller spaces.

So how can you get the tropical botanical look at home? Nutmeg Wall Stickers have the answer. Read on to find out how to add a tropical twist to your home, in an instant, using Nutmeg tropical leaves wall stickers.

How To Create A Tropical Theme with Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

We have several gorgeous tropical leaves wall sticker designs to give your decor a tropical vibe. Our most popular design is the Tropical Leaves Wall Sticker Set, a pair of lush green bold leaf stickers that can be ordered together or separately, to offer maximum flexibility. Here, we've used both, with the larger one on the left, and the smaller on the right, to inject some botanical freshness to a bedroom.
How To Create A Tropical Theme with Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers
The stickers have a delicate hand-painted look, with a multitude of fresh greens and different leaf shapes to give a realistic rainforest look.

Why Not Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Vibe?  

These striking tropical leaves also add freshness to a dining area or even a bathroom, as customer Sophie Hopkins has done.
Why Not Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Vibe?
Image Credit: Sophie Hopkins

How To Use Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers in a Nursery

Our large Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers are also perfect for a nursery, giving a calming, yet fun look, as shown by customer Els Saxton here. She's teamed her leaves sticker with a cute wall hanging, whilst a trio of animal prints with tropical leaf borders complete the look.
How To Use Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers in a Nursery
Image Credit: Els Saxton


Nutmeg customer Adam has also chosen our Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers in his nursery, teamed with a fun tiger head.

Tropical leaves wall sticker

 Image Credit: Adam

 As you can see, the tropical decor trend is so flexible and can suit lots of different nursery styles, for babies to kids and is gender neutral.

Other Tropical Leaf Stickers You'll Love 

Our other tropical leaf stickers give different looks, whilst keeping the botanical feel. The Tropical Floral Wall Sticker Set, which adds a pop of hot pink and orange to the lush green, thanks to the beautiful flowers.

Floral tropical wall stickers

Why not go all out and decorate with our Tropical Leaves Wall Sticker Mural? It has 24 leaves in four different designs, allowing you to design your own scheme, and take it over furniture, and mirrors too, if you like.

tropical scatter leaves

Tropical Leaves Window Film 

Our window film gives privacy, whilst letting in natural light and makes a perfect alternatives to blinds or net curtains. We will design the window film to fit your window perfectly, just measure up and we'll do the rest. We offer not one, but two different tropical leaf designs, and here they are in action.

tropical window film     tropical window film


What Makes Nutmeg Wall Stickers So Good? 

Nutmeg wall stickers can be applied to any clean, smooth surface - walls, doors, mirrors, furniture the list is endless! It gives you so much scope to be creative and create a unique home that you'll love.

All our beautiful wall stickers are digitally printed to order in our studio in Buckinghamshire, using industry-leading equipment. The beauty of our easy to apply wall stickers is that they stay up for as long as you like, but are so easy to remove if you ever want a new look.

We love seeing how you use Nutmeg Wall Art stickers in your home. Please share images on Instagram, and tag them with #nutmegwallart on Instagram and follow us @nutmegwallart. We also have a Facebook group for you to share inspiration, we'd love you to join it here.

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Pinterest image of Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers from Nutmeg Studio

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