Frosted Window Film: The Best Alternative to Net Curtains

Frosted Window Film: The Best Alternative to Net Curtains

Do you have a window that is overlooked by neighbours? Or maybe you live on a street where people can't help peer into your windows. Creating privacy at your windows, without blocking the light is a concern for many homes across the UK. As the evenings get lighter, we don't always want to shut the curtains or blinds, but that can leave a privacy issue. So what's the best solution to creating privacy in your windows? You could use net curtains... or you could try stylish frosted window film! Read on to find out why frosted window film is best alternative to net curtains.

A bathroom with a freestanding modern white bath, with a black-framed window behind, covered in bespoke frosted window film
Image credit: Suzy @suzy._lawrence on Instagram

Window Film: the Modern Alternative to Net Curtains

Net curtains or voiles are one way to stop people looking in at your window. But what if you could easily create the same level of privacy, without curtains? Nutmeg creates modern, sleek window film that makes your windows look like they've been frosted. You can use Nutmeg's window film in any room - even steamy rooms like the bathroom. Our window film can even be used outside!

Here, our customer Kirsty used Birds on a Wire Frosted Window Film to create privacy. 

A window decorated with frosted glass-effect window film with a design of birds sitting on telegraph wires
Image credit: Kirsty @khd7 on Instagram

What is Frosted Window Film?

Frosted window film is a special type of long-lasting vinyl sticker. It's specially designed to provide privacy to windows, without blocking out the light. This makes window film the perfect alternative to net curtains. They easily add privacy to any window, without needing a curtain track or wires. And the best part? You don't need any special tools to apply them.

Nutmeg's frosted window film gives the look of etched or sandblasted glass, and can be used on any window in your home - even a bathroom. Window film is the easy way to get two way privacy, without sacrificing natural light. Window film also looks sleeker and in our opinion, more stylish than net curtains. This makes it the ideal choice for modern homes, as well as more traditional decor. As well as increasing privacy, frosted window film also helps make your home more secure, shielding the contents of your house from view.

You don't have to cover the whole window. Sometimes, just the lower portion is enough, like this window with our Clouds Frosted Window Film sticker. 

A window partially covered with frosted window film with a cloud design

What Kind of Window Film Can I Buy?

We want to give you as many options as we can when it comes to your privacy window film.

When you browse our window films, you'll notice that some have cut outs, as a pattern, for example in our Birds on a Wire frosted window film, shown above. These decorative areas are see-through, so bear that in mind if you want complete privacy.

Others have a design printed onto the film for complete coverage, like this Large Tropical Leaves Window Film sticker.

Large Tropical Leaves Window Film on a while-framed window

You can choose whether you can just see this design on the side you see from inside your room, or from outside as well. Single sided will show through faintly from the outside, and for double sided designs, you'll see the pattern equally well on both sides of the window.

Our window film comes in many different sizes, so we can cover even the biggest or smallest of windows. Just pick the closest size to the window pane size, and fill in the exact dimensions in the box when your order. We'll make sure your window film is precision cut to the exact dimensions you need.


How to Apply Window Film

It's easy to apply Nutmeg frosted window film - it works in a very similar way as our wall stickers. Of course you'll receive full instructions with your order. We recommend reading them carefully before you begin. Here is a short and sweet version to give you an idea of how it all works:

You'll need good quality window cleaner we recommend Mr Muscle to clean the window first. You'll also need a spray bottle of very diluted washing up liquid.

Remove the backing paper, spray lightly and apply, working from the middle outwards. Smooth as you go with a squeegee to ensure a bubble-free finish. Leave for a few hours before removing the backing paper and after 24 hours it will be fully adhered.

And don't worry, you can move the window film around a little to get the perfect position before it dries.

How Do You Remove Frosted Window Film?

It's easy to remove your frosted window film if you ever want a change. Just use tweezers to carefully lift a corner, and pull gently until you have enough to get a good grip. Them pull and it will peel off. You will need to wipe your windows with a window cleaner to remove any residue.

Can You Cover Patterned Windows With Window Film?

Frosted window film could be a great way to give your window a cost effective revamp if you have patterned glass. Buying frosted window film is a fraction of the cost and disruption of replacing the glass. To cover it completely, you may wish to order two sets of film, and cover both sides.

Some of our designs are more suitable than others for covering patterned windows. Please pop us a message to discuss your project and we'd be really happy to advise you.

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Frosted Window Film: The Best Alternative to Net Curtains

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