How To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

The past few years have meant our homes are more important than ever, but we might be a bit tired of them. Or possibly even sick to the back teeth of them? If that's you, you're certainly not alone. As so many of us are spending more than that ever at home, many are moving house to get more space - hello home office! And even more of us are doing DIY and home improvement projects. Even if you can't move, you can improve! But maybe you're not quite ready to embark upon a big renovation costing £££, or construct a garden office using salvaged materials? Fear not, here are some quick and easy ways to fall back in love with your home. And the best part? They won't take a bank loan to compete.

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Home - image by Anna Sullivan

Declutter To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

There's no getting around it - clutter and piles of stuff can be a big cause of stress. It can be so daunting to start decluttering, but once you start, it can become mildly addictive! If you're not sure where to start, our advice is to start small and work up. Completing a small task means we're more likely to start the next one, as it gives us a sense of achievement. So how about decluttering that utensil drawer that keeps getting jammed? Then work your way up to tackling bigger projects like a wardrobe or pantry.

Tidy kitchen drawer with a white marble counter. Photograph by Dan Counsell

What to Do with the Stuff You Declutter

If the items you're getting rid of are in good condition, you can donate them to a local charity shop, once they are open. Or sell it on eBay or Facebook selling pages. They do say one persons trash is another person's treasure after all. Scroll eBay and you'll be amazed at what people sell! If you can get a few pounds for your decluttered goods, you can save them up to get something you really want.

Add a Splash of Colour to Your Home To Give It New Life

Whilst redecorating an entire room can feel like too much of an effort, adding colour can refresh a room far more easily. Adding a bold colour pop or a pastel area is a quick and easy way to add interest to any room.

You can zone a dining table or work desk with a coloured circle or arch. Or how about drawing attention to a favourite piece of furniture with a large circle?

Large blue/grey circle wall sticker above a white desk with plants Large pink circle wall sticker above a sofa in between bookshelves

This is a trend we're seeing a lot over on Instagram and Pinterest and it looks kind of daunting. Normally people use lots of masking tape and paint to create this look. But we have a much easier and quicker way to add a colour block. Our stickers, which we used in these images, couldn't be easier to apply. You'll be surprised at how they can transform a room.


Get Organised and Fall Back In Love With Your Home

Now you have more space (both in your home, and space to think!) you can start to think about ways to get organised. Streamlining your living space saves time and stress, and gives you a calmer home. How about filing paperwork into separate drawers or files? What about giving every member of your family their own space for shoes and lunchboxes. Or labelling up the toys so kids can find their lego and Sylvanian families at a glance?

Home organisation stickers

Our recent blog post gives you plenty of ideas about how to use our stickers to organise your home. Read it here for ideas about how streamline your home with organisation stickers.

Move Furniture Around To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Sometimes all we need to fall back in love with our home is a quick furniture move around. Maybe you're spring cleaning anyway? Moving an arm chair to go in front of a window whilst you hoover beneath it could lead to a new perspective on your lounge!

Colour Code Your Book Case For a Fun New Look

Books are a great way to stamp your personality on a room. If your bookcase is looking a little lacklustre, try reorganising your books by colour. It's a fun way to add unity and harmony to your home. Becky from PinksCharming Eco Lifestyle Blog did this over Lockdown.

Rainbow bookshelves with a cat on top by Becky Pink from PinksCharming

She says you need to have a good memory for colours, so you can find your books easily again! Becky varied her Book Shelfie by having some books stacked horizontally to add interest. She also popped in a few ornaments where she had gaps.

Revamp Some Old Furniture and Fall Back In Love With It

We all have those old Ikea purchases - maybe we don't love them anymore but they are so practical. The best thing to do is revamp them! Of course you could spend hours sanding and painting them... But we like a time saving hack here at Nutmeg. So we have some easy to use Ikea Hack stickers that work perfectly on the classic Malm chest of drawers (whichever size you have). Ikea Malm drawers with Nutmeg stickers over the drawers next to a white chair

It's a quick and easy transformation you'll love (and available in different designs).


Add Some Finishing Touches to Fall Back In Love With Your Home

Treating yourself to some new plants or a gorgeous new scented candle adds interest, texture and scent to a room. Even a bunch of supermarket flowers adds a touch of charm, for just a few pounds. If you want to spend a little more, what about new cushion covers? Or you can find second hand frames and paint them the same colour and add family photos.

We hope you've found these quick and easy ways to liven up your home inspiring. We hope you can find a way to fall back in love with your home - why not Pin them for later?

How To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

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