Easter Fun with Nutmeg Stickers!

Easter Fun with Nutmeg Stickers!

It's not long until daffodils, chocolate, pastel coloured eggs and a 4 day weekend!

Whether you enjoy lots of Easter related activities, or just a lazy long few days, here at Nutmeg we have some fun options for you to incorporate into your day! 

As our stickers are non damaging to walls and windows, they are just perfect for seasonal use! 

Our Pin The Tail on the Bunny wall sticker game is great fun for both kids and adults alike! A modern take on the traditional game pin the tail on the donkey, you can have fun playing "Pin the tail on the Bunny" over and over again. Ideal for a party, family gathering or just to keep everyone amused.


Forget the classic Easter egg hunt, if your small ones need an indoor activity, why not hunt the bunny? These bunny stickers are perfect for hiding in inconspicuous places  for fun and games, or simply make a feature wall with this pack of 24 decorative wall stickers - ideal for a dinner or photo wall backdrop! 

When it comes to a perfect party, our adorable personalised little mini tote bags make such fun bags for Easter Hunts! Perfect for little ones for collecting those coveted eggs, as goodie bags or for carrying home their loot!

No matter what you get up to, have a lovely Easter break! 


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