Decorating with Kids - Flamingos and Space Theme Bedrooms

Decorating with Kids - Flamingos and Space Theme Bedrooms

It's that time of year where Spring cleaning and organisation are top of the to-do list (or at least, we like to think they are!) and for many parents out there, it can be difficult to rope the small ones in to keeping their rooms clean and tidy! 

Here at Nutmeg, recently our flamingo and space children's wall stickers have been super popular, and we've been told that many of the kids are helping to decorate their own rooms! 

What better way to get them invested in their space - by letting them do a little decorating. 

On the topic of flamingos and space invaders, we've taken it as a hint towards the trends at the moment, and have rounded up some key items and inspirations for your little one's flamingo and space theme rooms! 

Flamingo Theme

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With a pop of pastels, Flamingos don't have to be garish and pink! With a single or pair of classic 'mingos, the girly element can definitely shine, but our Sas and Yosh collaboration stickers are colourful and funky and perfect for a bright and colourful look! Compliment the pink tones with a touch of gold for a more grown up look, and our metallic confetti stickers are perfect for a 'spot' of glamour. 


Space Theme

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For all budding astronauts out there, our star and planet theme stickers are sure to bring a touch of the galactic indoors. For older kids, constellations can become a beautiful display. Nearly all of our stickers can be personalised, and will stick to a variety of surfaces, so you can even label the budding space-boy's door with a customised name sticker


Our wall stickers provide a flexible and cost-effective way to decorate, are particularly good for children’s rooms as they are colourful, fun and aren’t breakable or grab-able by little hands! Better still, they are easy to apply and can be done with just a little supervision... and no mess! 

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