How To Use Blue Stickers In Your Home Décor

How To Use Blue Stickers In Your Home Décor

Every year, Pantone and Dulux announce their colours of the year, and they've both chosen shades of blue for 2022. Blue is a great choice for home decor, as it's a calming, peaceful colour, making it ideal for bedrooms and living areas, and blue can also promote focus, making it perfect for a home office. Read on to find out how to use blue stickers in your home decor.

Nursery with a turquoise blue wall and blue stickers

The Colour Of The Year is a Shade of Blue, from Both Pantone and Dulux

Pantone's Colour of the Year 2022 is Very Peri, a mid-tone blue with a violet undertone. Pantone say:

"Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression."

We think it makes a welcome change from last year's rather somber Ultimate Grey! It's high time we have a little fun with our interiors and inject pops of blue.

Meanwhile over at Dulux, they have also gone down the blue route, choosing Bright Skies™ to be the Dulux Colour of the Year. Dulux say:

"Bright SkiesTM is a light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for the soul. It promises to open up and revitalise your home."

Again, opening up and revitalising are both things we can get on board with! but how can you use blue in your home decor, without it seeming cold or stark?

How To Translate the Blue Decor Trend in Your Home

If you're worried about getting it wrong, and giving a cold feeling to your room, using blue stickers is an easy option. Our wall stickers give you the chance to build a look until you're comfortable with the level of colour, and give an instant look without the hard work of painting. 

Of course blue stickers give you so many more options than painting, whether you add a big colour block, or a smaller scattering of blue. And the best thing? They peel off easily if you want a new look!

Most of our wall stickers are available in a range of blues, to suit your scheme, including Swimming Pool, which is our more vibrant version of Bright SkiesTM and Blue, which is closest to Very Peri. But why stop there? Our navy blue stickers pair well with lighter or more vibrant shades of blue. 

Nutmeg Colour Chart

We also love Limpet Shell, which adds a touch of green to the blue, to make a beautifully serene scheme. 

You can add a pop of blue in your home by using any of our easy to apply wall stickers in your choice of blue vinyl.

Here's a Curated Selection of Some of Our Most Popular Blue Stickers

Adding a big pop of blue in an otherwise neutral room, or breaking the blue up using a pattern are easy ways to make the blue trend work for you.

If you're looking for a nod to the blue decor trend, our scatter shapes are the best. Adding an arc of pale blue stars to a nursery, like Sarah from @houseundertheoak has done couldn't be easier. 

Blue themed nursery with pale blue wall stickers


We also love what Helen from @no.6_on_the_close has done to inject a fun touch of navy blue in the shape of lightening bolts. Blue nursery with navy lightening bold wall stickers

The lightning adds a lovely contrast to the half-painted wall. 
Our unicorn wall stickers are just as cute - ideal for a nursery!
Pale blue unicorns stickers
Blue wall stickers are not just for the kids though! Our free-hand blue brushstrokes stickers are ideal for a more grown up space. 
Navy blue brushstrokes stickers
For a bolder, sophisticated take on the trend, how about adorning your wall with an oversized circle sticker? They look amazing above a bed or sofa, or in a home office, and come in 3 sizes to suit your space. 
Large blue circle wall sticker above a desk
Ready for a more intense blue look? How about our self-adhesive wall paper in blue Dalmatian dots? 
Pale blue dalmatian spots self-adhesive wallpaper

How will you use blue stickers in your home decor? Share your style by tagging your pictures with #nutmegwallart on Instagram @nutmegwallart as we'd love to feature you on our feed!

Remember if you're not keen on the blue trend, all of our stickers are available in lots of other colours. 

How to use blue in your home decor 

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