Freshen Up Your Home with Quick and Easy Wall Decor

Freshen Up Your Home with Quick and Easy Wall Decor

Have you thought about updating a room or two for the new year? It's a really lovely way to welcome in the new year with a fresh new look! So planning some quick and easy wall decor updates with our wall stickers really cheers me up! And after the last few years, I think we all need a bit of cheer in our decor, right? Here are some quick and easy wall decor updates to freshen up your home.

Colour Block Your Walls with Ease

Adding a bold (or subtle) splash of colour with colour blocking is a great way to update a room. It's amazing the difference a pop of colour on a single wall can make! But traditional colour blocking can be a bit of a faff, with lots of measuring, duck tape and patience needed. Thankfully, you can add a colour block quickly and easily with our wall stickers. Choose from arches and circles in a variety of size - why not layer a few to create a truly unique look? 

Blue sofa with a large dusky pink colour block circle above on a white wall.

Of course, our colour block wall stickers are all available in 22 fabulous shades. Your only challenge is choosing your favourite!


Wall Murals Add The Most Impact

For a really bold and beautiful look, you can't beat a wall mural. But if you're not blessed with artist level brush skills, don't worry, we have a really quick and easy solution. Our beautiful stick on wall murals are the easiest way to add a breathtaking art display - no brushes needed! 

Floral wall mural on a white wall above a white cot

We have a gorgeous range of designs, perfect for any room, in lots of different sizes.


Easily Add a Sprinkle of Colour

When you're looking for the quickest way to update a room, adding a sprinkle of coloured shapes couldn't be easier. Choose from sprinkles, triangles, doodle dots, stars, confetti lightening bolts, unicorns, clouds, crosses, bees, zig zags, cacti, cats, hearts, trees, watermelon, arrows, leopard print, brush strokes, mermaid scales, diamonds, honeycomb, and even terrazzo for the latest design trend. I actually hadn't realised just how many shapes of small wall stickers we make!
With 32 shades, including luscious metallics and clear matte and gloss, the options are practically endless. Why not let your imagination run free? Most shapes work brilliantly in any room, whilst some, like the unicorns, are probably more suited to a kids' bedroom or playroom.  

Quickly Hack Your Ikea Furniture

If you want to quickly and easily refresh your furniture, you could spend hours sanding, cleaning, priming and painting it. Or... you could give it a quick clean and add our custom Ikea stickers. I know what I'd choose ;-)

Our Ikea hack stickers are made of matte, waterproof, self-adhesive vinyl. It is resistant to tearing and creasing and easy to apply without air bubbles. You can apply it by yourself and clean it using a damp cloth. We have several designs, in the perfect dimensions for Ikea Malm drawers.
A white chair and IKEA Malm chest of drawers covered with custom grey and pink floral stickers
For more ways to easily update your furniture using Nutmeg stickers, pop over to our blog for more inspo! We hope you're feeling inspired to take on a quick and easy wall decor project over the holidays, or in the new year. Please post any projects you do on Instagram using #nutmegwallart and tagging @nutmegwallart we LOVE to see them. 
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