In the Spotlight: Star Wall Stickers

In the Spotlight: Star Wall Stickers

Starry, starry skies are what our customers have been dreaming about recently. As we've seen an explosion of star wall stickers popping up in your homes! 

Star wall stickers used metal effect stars to add a decorative touch to the corner of their nursery

You can personalise all our star wall stickers by choosing your favourite colour, where to place them or by adding a name. Perfect for adding a sentimental touch, a pop of colour or stylish geometric touch to your home. 

large star wall stickers

@carylgruffroberts created a gorgeous statement wall with oversized star stickers


These star wall stickers are particularly good for children’s rooms as they are colourful, fun and aren’t breakable or grab-able by little hands!

star wall stickers

@albettaonline has their styling on point with these silver stars


You can apply your wall stickers to any clean, smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, mirrors, furniture - the list is endless! So get creative with these star ideas and have some fun in your home. 

twinkle twinkle little star wall sticker

@caladoornumberfour added a little twinkle to her nursery


So reach for the stars when you're decorating your home next. And browse the full range of star wall stickers online. Let us know which one is your favourite! 

neon star wall stickers

@oxfordone is shining bright with these neon pink wall stickers!


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