In the Spotlight: Triangle Wall Stickers

In the Spotlight: Triangle Wall Stickers

One of our most popular sticker styles this year has been our new-for-2018 range of Triangle Wall Stickers. Inspired by the geometric interiors trend that has been seen across both the blogosphere and high-street, we have some seriously stylish customers! 

Our triangle stickers are completely personaliseable both in terms of colour and placement. Whether you have a monochrome cool scandi style, or a bright bold pop of colour, they can create an impact that suits your home. 

Above: Customer @mrsmerrellyeah used her triangles to frame a gorgeous fireplace. 

We have seen many variations of placement of our triangles, and love the combination of monochrome and metallic. 

Above: Customer @nest_twenty_eight paired her triangles with our gold confetti stickers in daughter Sienna's nursey. 

And don't forget, our stickers aren't just for walls. We love sticking them on furniture, doors, windows and mirrors too!

Above: Customer Kat @life_at_number_63 used her triangles on her wardrobe!

Need more inspiration? Find other customer images over on our Instagram!  

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