Visual Merchandising - The reason why your window displays are important.

Visual Merchandising - The reason why your window displays are important.

A window display is one of the most common and effective forms of visual merchandising. Retailers have just a few seconds to attract a passers-by attention and hold a potential customers eye.

Window displays can be used to present new products, highlight promotions, and show off a brands identity / personality. 



10 reasons creativity in a window display are crucial for businesses. 

1- Window displays are a crucial part of visual merchandising and often the first interaction you have with potential customers.

2- If you can capture passers-by attention and guide more customers into your store, chances are you'll attract the right customer and see an increase in sales.

3 - Project your brand identity and innovate on it.

4. Creativity will give you more social media exposure, in a world of photo sharing, the more instagrammable your window display is the more social / UGC you'll generate. Whoever said no to free advertising, word of mouth helps create excitement.



5. Window displays not only grab attention, but help potential customers envision how products will be used, how they will look on them or in their homes. These displays inspire would-be customers and make it easier to buy once they are inside.

6. Window displays can be persuasive, influencing consumer behavior through convincing language or attractive imagery. For example, advertising a particular product or promotion.


7. Use your windows to create a call to action, you need to get a customer to do something, that’s where a call to action comes in to effect. An effective window display can encourage customers to take action.


 8. Window merchandising will differentiate your store from the competition. Letting your customer know what your shop represents, is it a cafe, gift store, hairdressers. Use your window to announce your opening times, giving customers key information to help them plan their visit.


9. Use your windows to promote key occasions and events.

10. Windows are perfect for promoting a new retailer opening soon, helping to create privacy whilst work is going on in the store whilst creating curiosity and intrigue.




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