How to Use Stickers to Create the Top 5 Interior Themes

How to Use Stickers to Create the Top 5 Interior Themes

Are you a trend follower when it comes to your home decor? Or do you like to stick to the classics, so your decor doesn’t go out of fashion? Maybe you like the idea of trying a Pinterest-worthy interior trend, but don't know where to start? Well thanks to our high-quality vinyl wall stickers, you can have the best of both worlds. Try any interior trend you like, knowing that if your taste moves on, your wall stickers can just peel off. They'll leave a plain wall, ready for you to try the next interior trend.

How To Easily Create The Top 5 Interior Trends, Using Stickers

So, let's see how you can quickly and easily recreate the top 5 interior trends, in your home.

This year it's all about having fun with your decor, and creating a welcoming, feel-good space. From colour pops to biophilia and holiday-home vibes, see how to create the hottest interior trends in your home. You'll see that these interior trends actually overlap in places, so you can even get two trends in one!

1. The Vacay Vibes Interior Trend

Vacations have been difficult or impossible for the past few years, so it's no wonder we're looking to a holiday vibe in our homes! This interior trend is so flexible: think crisp blue and white schemes for a nod to the nautical seaside theme. You could even introduce a classic sailboat motif, using our easy to apply window film.

A bathroom window with sailboat design frosted window film


Or how about a tropical look with leaves for a more exotic look and feel? Pair this look with real houseplants for a scheme that will look great, and make you feel happier too. This also covers trend number 5!

Tropical leaves wall stickers


2. Add a Touch of Unexpected Luxury

Gold in the bathroom? Silver in the utility room? How about a flash of copper on the inside of a wardrobe? Why not? Adding a touch of luxury in unexpected places is one of the hottest interior trends right now, and you don't have to have the Midas touch to achieve it!

Metallic triangle wall stickers

Our metallic stickers make it quick and easy to add lavish touches, without investing in real gold or silver. Because why shouldn't you see something that makes you smile when you're doing the washing?


3. Try All Things Bold and Beautiful

We are totally behind the interior trend for bright, cheerful colours. Everyone needs a space that uplifts us. Vibrant colours are an easy way to inject a pop of happiness to any room! We've already showed you how to decorate with 2022's colours of the year, but as a reminder, it's all about blue! If you want to go a step further, consider mixing blue with pops of a complimentary colour. Think blue colour blocks, with yellow cushions or small accessories like vases.

Blue circle wall sticker

Or why not overlap contrasting colour pops with a few of our large colour block wall stickers? Or choose our set of coloured arch stickers.

Set of three colour block arch stickers

The hashtag #featurewall has over 400,000 hits, and large wall stickers are a great way to make the most of the trend! A single bold feature wall or bold colour pop can transform your room with a minimum of effort.   


4. Go Green With The Interior Trend You'll Love For Years

All things green is our 4th must-try interior trends and we love this one as anything goes! From dark green to soft sage, a quick scroll of your Insta feed lets you know we're all going green! Dark green is generally a relaxing, cocooning colour. You can see this on the Forest Green and Grass Green in our shade chart below.

Green colour chart

Lime Green can have the opposite effect, adding energy thanks to its yellow undertones. Our range of greens with blue undertones give rooms a soothing feel, as well as incorporating the blue tones of the colours of the year.

So, whatever feeling you want to evoke in your home decor, green is your go to. Just choose the shade to create the feel you are after, and remember most of our stickers are available in your choice of colour. 

5. We Adore the Plants and Flowers Home Decor Trend

The last of our interior trends is probably our favourite as it's so pretty and restful. If you search the hashtag #biophilic on Instagram, your feed will be flooded with gorgeous greenery. The idea is to connect with nature indoors, giving your rooms and outside/in feeling.

Tropical flowers and leaves wall stickers

This decor trend works well with the green trend, as layering greenery on to green backgrounds gives an immersive feel. You can do this with a base layer of green, with leaf or flower stickers layered over it. Don't forget to add real plants or even herbs to truly embrace the biophilic aesthetic. The beauty of this interior trend is that it works on any room. From bedrooms to living rooms, bathrooms to kitchens: go wild!

Tropical leaves wall stickers

Cinnamon rose wall stickers

So there you have it. The top interior trends you can create with stickers in your home, without the mess and fuss of paintbrushes and dust sheets! Please Pin this for later.

How to use stickers to create the top 5 interior themes



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