How To Make Distance Learning Fun with Temporary Homeschool Posters

How To Make Distance Learning Fun with Temporary Homeschool Posters

Are you back to homeschooling? Judging by my social media feeds, a lot of parents are really finding it tough this time around. My daughters are not school age anymore (thank goodness!) so we haven't had to set up a temporary home school. But I remember it being challenging to get my daughters to do their homework, never mind a whole day (or week, or month) of online distance learning.

So what can we do to help? Our homeschool posters are an easy and engaging way to help make distance learning more fun. Read on to see how you can use these A3 poster-size reusable stickers in your child's bedroom, playroom or above your dining table. These stick on and peel off homeschool posters work no matter how small your child's homeschooling space. You can even reposition them for ultimate flexibility!

Two girls sit at traditional school desks with their backs to us, working at their homeschool with homeschooling posters stuck on the wall above them.

What Makes Nutmeg Homeschool Poster Stickers So Great?

Let's start with looking at the different types of temporary homeschool posters we have created for you.

Naturally, being from Nutmeg, our homeschool posters are a form of sticker. But the beauty of these particular poster stickers is that they are reusable. This means that you can peel them off, roll them up and store them. Or you can move them to a different location once homeschooling is over. Either way, your paintwork will stay looking good as new.

And of course we have designed them to be beautiful and engaging, without being garish. So, if your temporary homeschool is in your dining room or lounge, they won't jar with your decor. And your homeschool crew will love them too.

TIP: If your home school area is in a main room of your house, you might want to remove school stuff in the evenings. Try sticking our homeschool posters to a piece of foam board (find some here) so you can pop them behind the sofa in the evenings. That also means you can move them to different rooms when your kids need a change of scenery - or even outside when the weather picks up! 

Our Educational Home School Posters are Easy as A, B, C!

If you want to help your little homeschoolers with their A, B, Cs, our Alphabet Homeschool poster is just the thing. It has both upper and lower letters to make it easy to practice phonics.

Two girls with their backs to us working on a traditional desk. There is an alphabet poster on the wall above them.

Home School Posters Make Maths as Easy as Pie (Charts)

Next we have something for your mini mathematicians. Your little homeschoolers will love the Shapes Homeschool Poster, with its colourful shapes laid out in an engaging way.

Our Multiplication Square Homeschool Poster makes learning times tables easier and more fun! It's the perfect partner to our Times Tables Homeschool Poster which helps kids learn up to their twelve times tables. It also helps them learn how to spell their numbers up to 12.

A young girl uses Nutmeg Homeschool Poster Stickers during home school

Our Fractions Homeschool Poster is the perfect addition to any homeschooling space. It adds a cheerful splash of colour and an at-a-glance way to check your fractions. One of our lovely customers Lucy took these photos of her daughter, who's enjoying learning with our maths homeschool poster stickers. 

A little girl is home schooling, pointing to the maths homeschool posters on her wall.

Home school stargazers will enjoy our Planets & Solar System Homeschool Poster.

Planets & Solar System Home School Poster Sticker

Why not choose your favourite three homeschool wall stickers to save £6? Or buy five and save £12. (That's also five for the price of four or buy four, get one free for those of you who are testing their own maths skills!)

Inspirational and Motivational Homeschool Posters

And now on to the more decorative and inspirational homeschooling decor ideas. Our Personalised Homeschool Posters are proving popular. Just let us know what name or names to add when you when you place your order.

Rainbow Personalised Home School Poster

Our Believe You Can Homeschool Poster is a great way to remind them that they can do whatever tasks their virtual learning throws at them!

Believe you can and you're halfway there home school poster sticker
I think this is a good message for the homeschooling parents too!
TIP: Once homeschooling is over and we are back to 'normal' you can restick your homeschooling posters to a bedroom wall.  Or how about the inside of a cupboard door? Then your kids get a little reminder of their times tables every time they open it. 

If you'd like some more ideas for home schooling decor, head to this article from from House Beautiful. It features our very own Doodle Dot Stickers, which you can find here in a multitude of colours.

Many thanks to our customer Lucy for sharing photos of her little one with her homeschool posters!

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Make Distance Learning Fun with Temporary Homeschool Posters from Nutmeg


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