7 Easy Temporary Ways to Personalise Your Uni Room

7 Easy Temporary Ways to Personalise Your Uni Room

Are you getting ready to go to uni? Or are you a parent with teens about to fly the nest? It's such an exciting time, and there can be some nerves, especially in the first year. Making a student's living space comfy and nice to look at is a great way to help them settle in. We've got seven easy, temporary ways to personalise your uni room, to brighten up your halls of residence and make it feel like home straight away.

Photos of Family and Friends Back Home Instantly Personalise Your Uni Room

Print off some favourites photos before you head off to university, and pop them in frames, or take pins for a pin board. Why not order some cute photo frame stickers in your favourite colour? Just peel them off and stick them to your room, and tape photos in the frames with washi tape. At the end of the year, simply peel them off, without worrying about your damage deposit. Choose your favourite colour from our wide range, or mix up a few sets like we have done here.

Temporary sticker photo frames


Take Easy-Care Plants to Make You Feel at Home at Uni

Plants give a great sense of wellbeing to any space, and lots of them even help purify the air, according to NASA! Spider Plants and Peace Lilies are student classics as they are so forgiving of being neglected, or try Snake Plants, also known as Mother In Law's Tongue for something a bit more structural.

If you think you'll probably kill your plant babies, you could always cheat and channel the biophilic design trend with un-killable plant wall stickers! 

Tropical  leaves wall stickers in a white bedroom


Check out our blog post on how to decorate with leaf stickers for more tips.

Pick Cheerful Cushions and Throws to Personalise Your Room at University

Adding a cheerful splash of colour or pattern with cushions and throws not only looks good, but also makes your uni room feel more comfy and cosy. Dunelm and Ikea are our top picks for affordable and easy ways to personalise your uni room.

Personalise Your Uni Furniture with Stickers

Did you know our stickers can be used on furniture as well as your walls? Our dots and sprinkles wall stickers are super quick and easy to apply, making it a doddle to personalise your uni room with them. Choose your favourite colours and shapes and sprinkle them over your door, wardrobe doors or desk. They'll peel off at the end of the year leaving no trace.

Arrow stickers on a white wallGold wall sprinkle stickers behind a computer monitorGrey leopard print wall stickers next to a bed

If you're in your second or third year, you'll probably have more free standing furniture. Giving it a quick and easy update with stickers is a sure-fire way to add instant impact and a personal look. Please check with your landlord first! See some inspiration on our blog about transforming an Ikea chest of drawers here. 

Personalise Your Uni Window and Door With Stickers

If your window is a little exposed, you can easily turn it into a more private, frosted-effect window with window film. Find out why it's so much better than net curtains on our blog post. If you just want to stamp your personality on your home-from-home, you can also use window stickers for fun.

If you're a parent reading this, how about this door sticker to remind your student how much you love them? You can also chose to personalise a door sticker with whatever text you like, and of course there are lots of colours to choose from too. 

Door sticker

Add a Personal Quote to Your Mirror

Finally, how about an inspirational quote to stick on your mirror at uni? A little reminder to give you a positive day. Each of these stickers is available in three different fonts and lots of different colours, so you can personalise them to your heart's content. 

Make magic mirror stickerInvisible crown mirror stickerAlways believe mirror sticker


We hope you've found our top 6 ways to personalise your uni room helpful, please Pin this for later!

How to personalise your uni room, quickly and easily, with no damage to the walls.

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